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paleonet Re: Josh Smith forced resignation from Washington University

I think the exchange below deserves wider attention than just by vert 
people.  There is a problem professor in my own department.  How are 
other countries doing?

Good goddess.  This guy persuaded (at SVP) nubile females to come 
work under him.  Under him indeed.  I don't know how many rapes he 
actually committed, as well as other unwanted acts of sexual 
aggression, but the story
describes one attempt.  That student complained, without success, and 
had to leave the university.  She then became a receptionist so that 
she could eat, and hasn't gotten back into VP yet.  See  She was good enough that she had been 
admitted here, but Smith was more persuasive.

  Russ, just how many careers have you ruined with your 'few 
indiscretions' that didn't 'get caught'?


>Dear List,
>Some of you liberals on this list obviously know little about the 
>real world of the military and in your zeal to malign Josh Smith, 
>you have overstepped the bounds of your knowledge.  If you watched 
>any news channel but CBS and CNN you would know that the National 
>Guard and the Army Reserves have conducted half of the battle in 
>Afghanistan and Iraq (and yes both auxillary groups have Special 
>Forces units which have been activated, just as they were during 
>Vietnam, my war, in which I received a Bronze Star and served with 
>the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile). I had originally been with the 
>Indiana National Guard. Half of the casualties in Iraq have been 
>National Guard, or Reserves, so back off on the uninformed crap. If 
>you have genuine grievance against Josh, so be it, but don't 
>politicize and throw out other stuff about which you know nothing. 
>If you have genuine reasons to dislike him, then perhaps you are 
>justified. If you don't then perhaps you should just back off. He 
>may have made a few discretions (like most of us). Of course you're 
>only in trouble if you get caught. Those of us who are pure and 
>spotless (because our indescretions are unknown (or so we think) 
>find it easy to be judgemental have the By doing otherwise, you only 
>show your own ignorance.
>P.S. I met Josh here in Gainesville years ago. Like all of us he was 
>young, ambitious, and obviously had a future in front of him. In the 
>month I worked with him he taught me a few things about casting 
>which I never forgot. I would only imagine that he became a 
>competetant paleontologist. As Jason said, it is innappropriate to 
>editorialize in this form---it is even more inappropriate to 
>moralize in this forum.
>Russ McCarty
>Russ McCartyAt 02:06 PM 10/16/2006 -0400, you wrote:
>>I have no more information on this than anyone else, but I can't see
>>any relevence to the vp community, and I think it is totally
>>innappropriate to editorialize in this forum.
>>    Jason
>> wrote:
>>>I am normally a reader only of this list, but came across an
>>>article of
>>>interest to others in the field.  I (like almost everyone else) had
>>>heard a lot of rumors about Josh Smith over the past couple of
>>>years, but it looks like he has finally gone to far for the
>>>administration at Washington University to cover up his misdeeds
>>>(links below to the student newspapers coverage of the
>>>"resignation").  He was forced to resign in August sometime for yet
>>  >another sexual misconduct charge.  Suprising that a lot of the
>>  >other incidents (such as lying about his military career and being
>>  >in Special Forces, he was only in the reserves per his own book
>>>Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt) didn't contribute to the firing.  Anyway,
>>>thought I should bring it to the list's attention so he can't do
>>>this to any more people.
>>>Hopefully Matt Lamanna or Ken Lacovara will continue to work in
>>>Bahariya since there is still so much there to be studied.
>>  >
>>  >
>>  >Daniel W.
>>Ph.D. Student-Vertebrate Paleontology
>>Department of Biological Sciences and
>>Drexel University
>>Stratton 118
>>32nd & Chestnut Streets
>>Philadelphia, PA 19104
>Russ McCarty

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